Palworld – How to Get Ancient Technology Points

palworld how to get ancient technology points

In this guide, you will learn how to get Ancient Technology Points to build new tools and structures while playing Palworld.

Ancient Technology Points allow you to unlock more tools and items, protect your base, catch more Pals, and defeat enemies and bosses. Despite their importance, Ancient Technology Points are hard to come by.

The three main methods to acquire Ancient Technology Points in Palworld involve defeating strong enemies, including Syndicate Tower bosses, Dungeon bosses, and Alpha Pals.

Syndicate Tower Bosses

palworld syndicate towers

Syndicate Tower bosses are the most effective way to farm, as they grant 5x Ancient Technology Points once they are beaten down.

There are five Syndicate Towers in Palworld, one for each biome. Defeating all final bosses of each faction in the game will earn you a total of 25x Ancient Technology Points. Here is the recommended order:

  • The Tower of Rayne Syndicate (112, -434) at level 16
  • The Tower of Free Pal Alliance (185,28) at level 32
  • The Tower of Brothers of the Eternal Pyre (-588, -518) at level 41
  • The Tower of the PIDF (561, 334) at level 45
  • The Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit (-149,445) at level 50

Dungeon Bosses

palworld dungeons

Dungeons are not marked on the map, but when they appear more frequently than Alpha Pals. What’s more, the bosses at the end are easier to defeat. Explore dungeons to farm Ancient Technology Points, as there are over 100 known dungeons in the game.

Alpha Pals

alpha pals

Alpha Pals are massive Pals that can be encountered while roaming the island. They are often designated to a certain area. Unfortunately, beating the same boss again will not grant you additional Ancient Technology Points, so you will have to keep exploring and killing new Alpha Pals to farm this way.

Palworld is an action-adventure survival game developed by Pocket Pair and released in 2024 in early access for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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