Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards – Cheats & Unlockables

kirby 64 the crystal shards cheats

Here are all the guides, tips, and strategies to enjoy playing Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards with cheats and unlockables.


Boss Battle Mode & Movie Viewer

If you collect all crystals in the game (the number on your file select screen should say 100%), you will be able to check out two secret modes: Boss Battle (Bosubuchi) and Movie Viewer (Zenbu Miseru). As the name suggests, you can fight all the bosses in the game in Boss Battle. The Movie Viewer lets you watch all the cutscenes in the game in order.

Kirby Talks

On the Title Screen, hold L + R + Z and push A. This will make Kirby say “Hi!”.

Sound Test

Beat the game once. Sound Test will now be available on the Options screen.

Unlimited Lives

Once you’ve beaten a level, all the Crystal Shards will turn into Blue Stars. Go back to a previous level and collect the Blue Stars. Once you have one, pause the game and select “Try Again.” Then go back to the level and repeat the process until you’ve gotten enough lives.

Tips & Tricks

Boss Strategies

Here are the recommended abilities/weapons to use to defeat each of the game’s bosses with ease.

Pop Star Boss

Best weapon: Flame Sword (Cutter, Flame). Use the sword to destroy the tiny trees, then hit the spikes that come out of the ground.

Rock Star Boss

Best weapon: None. When you get all the way to the top, suck on the atom objects and throw it at one of the cubes.

Aqua Star Boss

Best weapon: Flame Sword (Cutter, Flame). When the shark is in front of you, throw the sword at him. After he faints, hit him when he swims up at you.

Neo Star Boss

Best weapon: Anything that throws. When the lava comes out of the ground, hit it. He will faint and then chase you. When he is not doing anything, jump and throw whatever you have at his mouth.

Shiver Star Boss

Best weapon: Anything. When his hands are in range, hit them. He then turns into a jet. Go for the pincers.

Ripple Star Boss

Best weapon: Random. When he turns into something, hit him with that. For example, when it turns to lightning, hit it with lightning.

Break Through Walls

There are various walls that must be broken by specific abilities. The ability depends on the color of the wall.

Light BrownSpike

Defeat Enemies Without Using a Power

Get under an enemy that you want to defeat. Then, jump under them and they will freeze for a few seconds. Jump under them two times in order to defeat them.

Extra Star Piece or Treat

Return to the start of most levels to find a Star Piece or Star Treat.

Easy Enemy Info (?) Cards

Get the Firework power (Bomb + Fire) and go to the first level. Press B whenever you encounter an enemy. At the bonus game, try to get the tan square with the “?” on it.

Moves (combos)

FireFire ball
Fire + StoneRock shooter
Fire + IceIce and fire blower
Fire + NeedleBow and arrow with fire arrow
Fire + BombFireworks
Fire + SparkSolar powered fire
Fire + CutterFire sword
Fire + FireFire bird
Stone + IceSkating soap
Stone + NeedleDrill
Stone + BombDynamite
Stone + SparkElectric rope tied to stone
Stone + CutterStone cutter
Stone + StoneBig rock
IceIce blower
Ice + NeedleSnow flake
Ice + BombSnowman bomb
Ice + SparkRefrigerator (food gives you health)
Ice + CutterSkate
Ice + IceSnowball
Needle + BombSpikey bomb
Needle + SparkThunderbolt
Needle + CutterBite (commercial)
Needle + NeedleSpikey gadgets
NeedleSpike ball
Bomb + SparkLight bulb
Bomb + CutterBomb that hooks onto opponent
Bomb + BombMissile launcher
SparkElectric shock
Spark + CutterElectrical double bladed sword
Spark + SparkElectric ball
Cutter + CutterBoomerang with blades


The game is enjoyable by itself, but cheating makes it even better. Always keep in mind to input codes with a GameShark.

Note: before entering cheats, be aware that altering the game can cause random freezing and several other glitches.

Diddy Kong Racing Keycode Required


Enable Code (must be on)DE000400 0000
Infinite Lives800D6F4F 0009
Infinite Health810D6E50 40C0
Max Stars (press L + R)D0098AB5 0030
810D6E60 0000
D0098AB5 0030
810D6E62 001D

100% Complete Codes

100% (Save Slot 1)800ECA18 0064
100% (Save Slot 2)800ECA70 0064
100% (Save Slot 3)800ECAC8 0064
All Enemy Info50005101 0000
800D6C10 0002
All Movies800D6BA1 000F
All Stages Finished50002B01 0000
800D6BE0 0002
Max Stars (press L+R)D0098AB5 0030
810D6E60 0000
D0098AB5 0030
810D6E62 001D

100 Yard Hop Mini Game Codes

Time Is 0 P18118E46A 0000
Time Is 0 P28118E46E 0000
Time Is 0 P38118E472 0000
Time Is 0 P48118E476 0000

All Crystals Codes

All Crystals50000701 0000
800D6BC0 0001
50001701 0000
800D6BC8 0007
All Difficulty Levels (100 Yard Hop)800D6BB9 0003
All Difficulty Levels (Bumper Crop Bump)800D6BBA 0003
All Difficulty Levels (Checkerboard Chase)800D6BBB 0003

Bumper Crop Bump Mini Game Codes

P1 Have Lots Of Fruit8018E1E0 0063
P2 Have Lots Of Fruit8018E1E1 0063
P3 Have Lots Of Fruit8018E1E2 0063
P4 Have Lots Of Fruit8018E1E3 0063
P1 Have No Fruit8018E1E0 0000
P2 Have No Fruit8018E1E1 0000
P3 Have No Fruit8018E1E2 0000
P4 Have No Fruit8018E1E3 0000

Checker Board Chase Mini Game Codes

Time Is 0 / Everyone Gets 1st8118E266 0000
P1 Infinite Falls8018E28B 0005
P2 Infinite Falls8018E28F 0005
P3 Infinite Falls8018E293 0005
P4 Infinite Falls8018E297 0005
P1 1 Fall To Lose8018E28B 0000
P2 1 Fall To lose8018E28F 0000
P3 1 Fall To Lose8018E293 0000
P4 1 Fall To Lose8018E297 0000

Power and Symbol Modifiers

Always Have Power Modifier8012E853 00??
Always Show Symbol Modifier800D6EAB 00??
800D6E93 00??

Power and Symbol Codes

Replace ?? to display the specified symbol at the bottom of the screen.

08Double Fire
09Fire & Stone
0AFire & Ice
0BFire & Needle
0CFire & Bomb
0DFire & Electricity
0EFire & Cutter
0FStone & Stone
10Stone & Ice
11Stone & Needle
12Stone & Bomb
13Stone & Electricity
14Stone & Cutter
15Ice & Ice
16Ice & Needle
17Ice & Bomb
18Ice & Electricity
19Ice & Cutter
1ADouble Needle
1BNeedle & Bomb
1CNeedle & Electricity
1DNeedle & Cutter
1EBomb & Bomb
1FBomb & Electricity
20Bomb & Cutter
21Electricity & Electricity
22Electricity & Cutter
23Cutter & Cutter

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is a platformer game developed by HAL Laboratory and initially released in 2000 on Nintendo 64.

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