Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Cheats & Unlockables

kirby and the forgotten land cheats and unlockables

Here are all the guides, tips, and strategies to enjoy playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land with cheats and unlockables.

How to Farm Money

The best way to farm Star Coins (without exploits) is by repeatedly completing Ultimate Cup Z in Waddle Town. However, there is an exploit that helps you achieve this goal faster.

  1. Start any tournament (preferably the Ultimate Cup Z) in Waddle Dee Town.
  2. Progress to the final chest in the arena and pick up its contents.
  3. Leave the Colosseum (Or get KO’d). Do not worry about the message; this has been tried several times by myself.
  4. Use the Hammer Launch Glitch to go out of bounds, and enter the Colosseum (while out of bounds). This will start a glitched Meta Knight Cup.
  5. KO the two minibosses.
  6. Progress the dialogue like normal, and speak to Commentator Waddle Dee. Instead of just getting the usual Rare Stone, you will get Star Coins! If you did the steps correctly, here is what you will get: Meta Knight Cup: 500 Star Coins, 1 Rare Stone | The Ultimate Cup: 1500 Star Coins, 1 Rare Stone | The Ultimate Cup Z: 2500 Star Coins, 1 Rare Stone.

Power-Up Ability Blueprints

Blueprints are unlockables hidden or otherwise found throughout your adventure. These are used to evolve each of your core 12 abilities.

UnlockableHow to Get
Masked Hammer BlueprintOnce you see the credits and return to Waddle Dee Town, talk to the rightmost Servant WaddleDee next to King Dedede to get the Masked Hammer Blueprint
Meta Knight Sword BlueprintFirst time reward for clearing the Colosseum’s Meta Knight Cup
Morpho Knight Sword BlueprintReceived upon completing the boss sequence of the final stage, Forgo Land, in Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams

Present Code List

No Internet Required

500 Star Coins, 1 Attack BoostBRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM
300 Star CoinsCLEARDEMO
300 Star CoinsKIRBYSTORY
1 Rare Stone, 1 Car-Mouth CakeKIRBYTHEGOURMET
300 Star Coins, 1 Rare StoneNEWADVENTURE
1,000 Star Coins, 1 Rare StoneTHANKYOUKIRBY

Internet Required

100 Star Coins, 1 Car-Mouth Cake)MOUTHFULMODE
150 Star Coins, 1 Energy DrinkKIRBYNEWSDESK
150 Star Coins, 1 Attack BoostKIRBYMICROSITE
150 Star Coins, 1 Maxim TomatoKIRBYGAMESTOPCAN
300 Star Coins, 4 food itemsKIRBYADVENTURECALI
1 Rare StoneGAMENEWS

Waddle Dee-liveries Passwords

After saving 50 Waddle Dees and unlocking Waddle Dee-liveries, you can enter passwords for Star Coins and other items.

1 Rare StoneBIRTHDAY
1 Rare StoneBIRTHDAY
1000 Star Coins & 1 Rare StoneTHANKYOUKIRBY
1000 Star Coins & 1 Rare StoneTHANKYOUKIRBY
300 Star Coins, 1 Kirby BurgerICONELEMENTS
Rare Stone, Car-Mouth CakeKIRBYTHEGOURMET
Rare Stone, Car-Mouth CakeTHIRTIETH
Star Coin x150, Attack BoostKIRBYMICROSITE
Star Coin x300CLEARDEMO
Star Coin x300KIRBYSTORY
Star Coin x300, Rare StoneNEWADVENTURE
Star Coin x500, Attack BoostBRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM

Waddle Dee Town Upgrades

As Kirby saves more & more Waddle Dees and defeats Bosses, new areas will be Unlocked in Waddle Dee Town.

UnlockableHow to Get
ColosseumUnlocked after Defeating Clawroline
Fishing Pond & Waddle Dee’s Item ShopUnlocked after Saving 145 or more Waddle Dees
Kirby & Elfilin StatuesUnlocked after Saving all 300 Waddle Dees
Kirby’s House & Waddle Dee-liveriesUnlocked after Saving 50 or more Waddle Dees
TheaterUnlocked after Beating Downtown Grassland
Tilt-&-Roll KirbyUnlocked after Saving 180 or more Waddle Dees
Waddle Dee CafeUnlocked after Saving 60 or more Waddle Dees
Waddle Dee’s Weapons ShopUnlocked after Defeating Gorimondo
Waddle Live! Corner StageUnlocked after Beating the Game

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a platformer game developed by HAL Laboratory and released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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