Tony Hawk’s Underground – Cheats & Unlockables

tony hawk's underground cheats and unlockables

Here are all the guides, tips, and strategies to enjoy playing Tony Hawk’s Underground with cheats and unlockables.


All Characters

Note: This code requires you to clear Story Mode to activate.

Cheat code:

Hidden Skaters

In the Create-A-Skater Menu, enter any of the following codes to unlock a hidden skater based on the game designers.

Adam LippmannTHEDOC
Alan FloresAlan Flores
Alex GarciaAlex Garcia
Andy MarchelAndy Marchel
Big TexBig Tex
fatassBrad Bulkley
Akira2sC Surla
arrrCaptain Cody
Chauwa SteelChauwa Steel
ChrisPChris Peacock
Chris RauschChris Rausch
Johnny OwChum
Dan NelsonDan Nelson
Daddy MacDana MacKenzie
DDTDarren Thorne
TOPBLOKEDave Cowling
Dave StohlDave Stohl
cromEric Grosser
YawgurtGary Jesdanun
Henry JiHenry Ji
GEIGERJake Geiger
Jason UyedaJason Uyeda
NSJEFFJeff Morgan
Jeremy AndersonJeremy Anderson
Joel JewettJoel Jewett
Guilt LadleKevin Mulhall
Macos XK8RMacros XK8R
woodchuckMichelle Deyo
Mike WardMike Ward
moreuberthanedMikey Ortai
NolyNolan Nelson
POOPERPaul Robinson
buffoonPete Day
deadendroadRalph D’Amato
1337Rulon Raymond
Stacey DStacey D
tao zhengtao zheng
HammerTed Barber
The KrakenThe Kraken
The SwinkThe Swink
TSUEnami!Todd Sue
Todd WahoskeTodd Wahoske
ZigZac Drake

Moon Gravity

Cheat code:

Perfect Manuals

Cheat code:

Perfect Rail Balance

Cheat code:

Perfect Skitch

Cheat code:

Unlock All THUG Movies

Cheat code:


Alternate Ending

Complete Story Mode twice.


Gardener’s Cart

Complete the goal “Nobody Likes A Dude Party.”

Leaf Blo Cart

Complete either Cart Racer Goals in Vancouver.

Pickup Truck

Complete the goal “Smash the Pineapples” in Hawaii.

Police Car

Complete the goal “Lose the Cops” in Tampa.

Russian Car

Complete the goal “Get the Russian Babes” in Moscow.

Street Racer Car

Complete the Street Racer’s Challenge in New Jersey.

Create-a-Deck Mode

Beat “Slamma Jamma” on Story Mode.


Complete 129/129 goals to enable/disable the following cheats.

  • Always Special
  • Cool Specials
  • Flame (while grinding)
  • Kid Mode
  • Moon Gravity
  • Perfect Manual
  • Perfect Rail
  • Perfect Skitch
  • Rollerskates

Gene Simmons

Complete Story Mode on Normal difficulty.

Hotter Than Hell

Complete Story Mode on any difficulty.

Iron Man

Complete Story Mode on any difficulty.

Level: THPS2 Hangar

On the Moscow map, find the Old Skool icon.

Movie: Always Hard

Find 9 Secret Tapes.

Movie: Bails 1

Find 3 Secret Tapes.

Movie: Bails 2

Find 6 Secret Tapes.

Movie: KISS Concert

On the Hotter Than Hell level, activate the K-I-S-S letters.


Find every GAP in the game.

Rock Star

Complete Story Mode on Normal difficulty.

School 2

On the New Jersey map, at the train station, find the red icon in the back quarter-pipe section.


Complete Story Mode on Sick difficulty.

Venice Beach

On the Hawaii map, in front of a shop in the back left corner, find a small smoking Tiki god state. Ollie into it.

Tony Hawk’s Underground is a skateboarding video game developed by Neversoft and initially released in 2003 for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and Game Boy Advance.

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