Tekken 6 – Cheats & Unlockables

tekken 6 cheats and unlockables

Here are all the guides, tips, and strategies to enjoy playing Tekken 6 with cheats and unlockables.

Alternate Victory Pose

After winning the final round in a match, hold down the left punch, right punch, left kick, or right kick during the replay to view a different ending pose for each button.


Clear Southern Woodlands.

Comic Effect (English and Japanese)

Complete Scenario Campaign Mode.


Anna (in Arena)

Beat her in G Corporation, Millennium Tower.

Armour King (in Arena)

Beat him in Lost Cemetery.

Asuka (in Arena)

Beat her in Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts Dojo.

Baek (in Arena)

Beat him in the West Coast Canal Industrial Complex.

Bob (in Arena)

Beat him in Central District, 11th Avenue.

Bruce (in Arena)

Beat him in G Security Service, Operations Headquarters.

Bryan (in Arena)

Beat him in Southern Woodlands.

Christie (in Arena)

Beat her in Seahorse Grand Hotel.

Dragunov (in Arena)

Beat him in container Terminal 7.

Eddy (in Arena)

Beat him in Tekken Force 4th Special Forces Operation Group Compound.

Feng (in Arena)

Beat him in Deserted Temple.

Ganryu (in Arena)

Beat him in Aranami Stable.

Hwoarang (in Arena)

Beat him in Industrial Highway 357.

Heihachi (in Arena)

Beat him in Mishima Estate.

Jack-6 (in Arena)

Beat him in Container Terminal 3.

Julia (in Arena)

Beat all enemies in G Science and Technology, Research Building 3.

Kazuya (in Arena)

Beat him in G Corporation, Millennium Tower Heliport.

King (in Arena)

Beat him with Marduk in the Mixed Martial Arts Gym “Wild Kingdom”.

Kuma / Panda (in Arena)

Beat Kuma in North Nature Park.

Law (in Arena)

Beat him in West District, Chinatown.

Lee (in Arena)

Beat him in Violet Systems.

Lei (in Arena)

Beat all enemies in the ICPO Branch Office.

Leo (in Arena)

Beat it in the 16th Archaeological Expedition’s Excavation Site.

Lili (in Arena)

Beat her in Queen’s Harbour.

Marduk (in Arena)

Beat him with King in the Mixed Martial Arts Gym “Wild Kingdom”.

Miguel (in Arena)

Beat him in the South Bay Warehouse Area.

Nina (in Arena)

Beat her in Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Subway Line.

Paul (in Arena)

Beat him in West District, 13th Avenue.

Raven (in Arena)

Beat him in Secret Underground Passage.

Roger Jr. (in Arena)

Beat it in Mishima Industries, Biotech Research Station Ruins.

Steve (in Arena)

Beat him in Abyss Gate.

Wang (in Arena)

Beat him in Fujian Tulou.

Xiaoyu (in Arena)

Beat her in Mishima Polytechnic.

Devil Jin

Beat him in Nightmare Train.


Beat him in Azazel’s Temple, Central Corridor.


Beat it in the Subterranean Pavillion.


Beat him in Kigan Island.


Beat all enemies in Mystic’s Village.

Medium and Hard Difficulty

Clear Azazel’s Temple, Central Corridor.


Kigan Island

Go to Abyss Gate and beat a man with a straw hat (on Hard). Grab his stuff and then exit to the world map.

Nightmare Train

Beat Azazel’s Temple, Central Corridor.

Subterranean Pavillion

Beat 16th Archaeological Expedition’s Excavation Site (on Hard).

Rage Effects

  • Black Rage – 1x Roulette
  • White Rage – 2x Roulette
  • Yellow Rage – 3x Roulette
  • Lightning Rage – 4x Roulette
  • Ice Rage – 5x Roulette
  • Fire Rage – 6x Roulette

Tekken 6 is a fighting game developed by Bandai Namco and initially released in 2007 for arcades. It was later ported to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Portable in 2009.

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