Tekken 5 – Cheats & Unlockables

tekken 5 cheats and unlockables

Here are all the guides, tips, and strategies to enjoy playing Tekken 5 with cheats and unlockables.


The following codes require the use of CodeBreaker (7.0+).

Master Code (must be enabled)

Cheat code:
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
99A26F0F 67C04144
1BB2FE10 8530631E
7BC719B4 E44055F2


Unlock All Characters

Cheat code:
BA18DE30 7C74731B

Unlock All Endings

Cheat code:
2C7114F4 43C60308

Unlock Devil Jin

Cheat code:
C67589A8 E2B32B48

Story Mode Stage Codes

Access Stage 2

Cheat code:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
2B2A62CD 17F5EBC8

Access Stage 3

Cheat code:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
B6BE818E C2BD9883

Access Stage 4

Cheat code:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
8A6728B7 45F448FB

Access Stage 5

Cheat code:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
FC5783B0 022D3750

Access Stage 6

Cheat code:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
A2EB4A78 BF70A104

Access Stage 7

Cheat code:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
B76F9E27 FD67BF56

Access Stage 8

Cheat code:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
44D64E9B FE8C15D1

Access Stage 9

Cheat code:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
78B682C1 3EDE0CB6

Time Codes

Infinite Match Time

Cheat code:
0530D904 4BE1BE5E

Always Low Total Time

Cheat code:
EFA482C1 7C413463

Health Codes

Infinite Health (Player 1)

Cheat code:
EE0B4D3E 1116C9DA

Infinite Health (Player 2)

Cheat code:
C28C78EA 532F94C6

75% Health (Player 1)

Cheat code:
305A5C81 C4BA57DB
017C8C50 76381973

75% Health (Player 2)

Cheat code:
6C6C3C92 EF62ADF6
2227B103 8089ED5E

50% Health (Player 1)

Cheat code:
27F6F6F2 40A009C3
305A5C81 C4BA57DB

50% Health (Player 2)

Cheat code:
6C6C3C92 EF62ADF6
7FE61F45 AE5D1D93

25% Health (Player 1)

Cheat code:
419C3781 CDDDB62D
305A5C81 C4BA57DB

25% Health (Player 2)

Cheat code:
F035354E 5B42589D
6C6C3C92 EF62ADF6

1 Hit Death (Player 1)

Cheat code:
3851E02E 9F87BFB2

1 Hit Death (Player 2)

Cheat code:
D76C4F01 567C6C2F

No Health (Player 1)

Cheat code:
FAA89098 A4B3B647

No Health (Player 2)

Cheat code:
A94D34EE 1982BD71


Alternate Mokujin Sounds

Choose Mokujin during character selection, then hold down on the D-Pad or joystick before the match starts. Mokujin will sound like a block of wood when taking damage.


Anna Williams

Beat Story Mode two times.


Beat Story Mode three times.

Bruce Irvin

Beat Story Mode four times. Alternatively, fight in 200 matches.

Devil Jin

Complete the Devil Within mini-game.


Beat Story/Battle/Time Attack mode six times.


Beat Story/Battle/Time Attack mode eight times.


Beat Story/Battle/Time Attack mode five times.


Beat Story/Battle/Time Attack mode seven times.

Roger Jr.

Beat Story Mode with Kazuya.

Wang Jinrei

Beat Story Mode five times.

Random Character Select

Unlock Heihachi by beating Story/Battle/Time Attack mode eight times.

Free Expensive Items

Complete the Devil Within mini-game, and play it once more to find expensive items scattered throughout the levels.

Frog Angel Easter Egg

On the Secret Garden stage, look at the ground to find a frog hopping around. If you or your opponent lands on the frog after an attack, the frog will be crushed and its angel will float towards the sky.

Jinpachi’s Movie

Lose against Jinpachi during Story Mode to unlock a movie in Theater Mode.

Schoolgirl Ling

Press L1 on character select while highlighting Ling to unlock a secret costume for her.

Star Blade (Arcade History)

On Stage 4-2 of Devil Within, stand in front of the breakable wall underneath the high ledge. Become Devil Jin and use L1+Square to break the wall. Jump over the rubble, then follow the path into the next room. Collect the spaceship in the center, then finish Stage 4 to unlock Star Blade.

Stage Select (Devil Within)

Complete Devil Within to unlock the stage select option for the mini-game.

Theater Mode

Beat Story Mode with any character to view in-game movies and listen to the soundtrack. Keep completing Story Mode with additional characters to unlock more content.

Unlock Hidden Story Mode Interludes

Lose any fight during an interlude in Story Mode to receive an alternate cutscene.

Tips & Tricks

Easy Money

To accumulate gold quickly in Tekken 5:

  • Complete Story Mode (earns 100,000 G per character)
  • Complete the Devil Within mini-game (earns 100,000 G per character)
  • Defeat higher-rank CPU opponents in Arcade Mode (earns 800-4,000 G per fight)

Gain Ranks Fast

Play against opponents of the same rank. Fighting AI opponents requires three to five wins per promotion. Although you cannot always select opponents with the same rank, do so when possible.

Tekken 5 is a fighting game developed by Namco and initially released in 2004 for Arcades. It was later ported to PlayStation 2 in 2005.

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