Tekken 2 – Cheats & Unlockables

tekken 2 cheats and unlockables

Here are all the guides, tips, and strategies to enjoy playing Tekken 2 with cheats and unlockables.


GameShark Codes

All 25 Players Selectable

Cheat code:
800A3630 FFFF
800A3632 00FF

Joker Command

Cheat code:
D00CA534 ????

Infinite Health (Player 1)

Cheat code:
800D09EA 006E

No Health (Player 1)

Cheat code:
800D09E8 0000

One Hit Death (Player 1)

Cheat code:
D00D09EA 006E
800D09EA 0001

1 Round Win (Player 1)

Cheat code:
800D083C 0002

No Health (Player 2)

Cheat code:
800D1BF2 0000

One Hit Death (Player 2)

Cheat code:
D00D1BF2 006E
800D1BF2 0001

1 Round Win (Player 2)

Cheat code:
800D1A44 0002

Infinite Time

Cheat code:
800CAC4A 0036
800CAE12 0036
800CC072 0036
800CC09A 0036
800CC262 0036
800D2C1C 090E

Infinite Time (Character Select)

Cheat code:
801ED1C0 0449

Set Win Marker Modifier (Player 1)

Cheat code:
800D083C ????

  • 0000 – 0 wins
  • 0001 – 1 win
  • 0002 – 2 wins
  • 0003 – 3 wins
  • 0004 – 4 wins

Set Win Marker Modifier (Player 2)

Cheat code:
800D1A44 ????

  • 0000 – 0 wins
  • 0001 – 1 win
  • 0002 – 2 wins
  • 0003 – 3 wins
  • 0004 – 4 wins

Disappear (Player 1)

Note: Press SELECT + UP.

Cheat code:
D00CA534 1100
800D081A 0001

Reappear (Player 1)

Note: Press SELECT + DOWN.

Cheat code:
D00CA534 4100
800D081A 0000

Disappear (Player 2)

Cheat code:
800D1A22 0001

Elapsed Timer Always 00’00’01

Cheat code:
800D644C 0000

Survival Mode Win Counter Modifier

Cheat code:
800D5130 00??

Extra Characters

Cheat code:
801ED1D4 1A20
801ED1D6 142A
801ED1D8 1E22
801ED1DA 1816
801ED1DC 281C
801ED1E8 0016
801ED250 0016


Big Head Mode

Note: You must have defeated every sub-boss to use this code.

Hold SELECT while picking your character until the fight begins. For a larger head, win a match in Big Head Mode and hold down SELECT during your victory pose.


Alex and Roger

Play Arcade Mode, then get to the winning round of the third match. Allow your opponent to take you down to 5% energy. Quickly KO your opponent. If you do this correctly, you will hear the announcer say “GREAT”. Once the match finishes, Alex and Roger will unlock.


Beat the game with Nina.


Beat the Devil with Kazuya. Press Punch to select Angel.

Armored King

Beat the game with King.


Beat the game with Law.


Beat the Devil with Kazuya, then press Kick to select Devil.


Beat the game with Michelle.


Beat the Devil using any sub-boss.


Beat the game with Yoshimitsu.


Beat the game with Paul.


Beat the game with Jack-2.


Beat the Devil with each character.

Sky Mode

Note: You must have unlocked every character to use this code.

Hold SELECT+ UP while picking your character until the fight begins. You will hear the sound of a punch if entered properly. Use a sweep move or an uppercut to send your opponent skyward.

Theatre Mode (Japanese version)

After unlocking all characters, save the game. Restart the game, then when the text Namco Presents appears, hold UP/RIGHT + SELECT + CIRCLE + CROSS. If entered correctly, a screen with the title “Theatre Tekken 2” with a list of game graphic files will appear.

Tekken 2 is a fighting game developed by Namco (now Bandai Namco) and initially released in 1995 for arcades. It was later ported to PlayStation 1 in 1996.

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