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sonic advance cheats

Here are all the guides, tips, and strategies to enjoy playing Sonic Advance with unlockables and cheats.


Play as Sonic & Tails in Story Mode

On the main menu, pick Game Start, then highlight Sonic on the character select screen. Instead of hitting A like you normally would, press the following buttons:

  • Up, right, down, right, L, right, R, right, A

If you enter the code correctly, you’ll hear a ring chime. Now when you start a level, you’ll play as Sonic with an AI-controlled Tails following you around.

Tiny Chao Garden

Beat the game using any character.

Moon Zone

Retrieve all 7 Chaos Emeralds with any character, then beat the game with every character. Use Sonic to beat the Moon Zone to unlock it as a playable stage.


The game is enjoyable by itself, but cheating makes it even better. Always keep in mind to input codes with an Action Replay, Codebreaker, or GameShark. All the below codes are compatible with most emulators.

Note: before entering cheats, be aware that altering the game can cause random freezing and several other glitches.


Master Code (Enable Cheats)

D409B2E2 0000CD66
D70776EC 0000D19D


03005A0C 00000002

Normal Barrier (Invisible, but there)

03005A46 00000001

Lightning Barrier (Invisible, but there)

03005A46 00000008

Infinite Air

03005A7A 0000000F

Infinite Lives

03005024 0000000A

Infinite Rings

13004FEC 000003E7

Unlimited Rings in Chao Garden

13003938 00002B66

Unlock All Levels (Sonic)

03005168 0000000F

Max Score

23005030 05F5E0FF

Guaranteed Special Stage on Level Complete

6012660C 000046C0

No Death After Zero Rings

60018CFC 000046C0

Never Lose Rings

60018CDC 0000E04C

Infinite Time

6007A9C8 0000E035

Tails Follows All Characters

60079D70 000046C0
60079D80 000046C0

Always Swim

6008949C 0000E000
600894BC 0000E000
60089624 00001E0A

Collect Rings From Anywhere

6000FFC0 000046C0
6000FFF8 000046C0
60010000 0000E008

Moon Jump

D3005A58 00000001
13005A2A 0000FD00


Master Code (Enable Cheats)

0000FFE5 000A
1000122A 0007

Best Time for Zone Clear

83005034 0001

Infinite Rings

83004FEC 03E7

Infinite Lives

33005024 000A

Quick Score Gain

83005030 FFFF

Max Score

83005030 967F
83005032 0098

Max Rings (Special Stage)

33005078 00FF

Get All 7 Chaos Emeralds

3300517C 007F

Normal Shield (Invisible, but there)

33005A46 0001

Lightning Shield (Invisible, but there)

33005A56 0008

Play as Sonic

33005084 0000

Play as Tails

33005084 0001

Play as Knuckles

33005084 0002

Play as Amy

33005084 0003

Neo Green Hill Zone (Act 1)

3300514C 0000

Neo Green Hill Zone (Act 2)

3300514C 0001

Secret Base Zone (Act 1)

3300514C 0002

Secret Base Zone (Act 2)

3300514C 0003

Casino Paradise Zone (Act 1)

3300514C 0004

Casino Paradise Zone (Act 2)

3300514C 0005

Ice Mountain Zone (Act 1)

3300514C 0006

Ice Mountain Zone (Act 2)

3300514C 0007

Angel Island Zone (Act 1)

3300514C 0008

Angel Island Zone (Act 2)

3300514C 0009

Egg Rocket Zone (Act 1)

3300514C 000A

Cosmic Angel Zone (Act 2)

3300514C 000B


3300514C 000C

The Moon Zone

3300514C 000D

Forest Chao Garden

3300514C 000E

Factory Chao Garden

3300514C 000F

Pinball Chao Garden

3300514C 0010

Space Chao Garden

3300514C 0011


33005A3C 0010

Infinite Air

33005A7A 000C

Action Replay

All Characters Can Play w/ Tails

84E37E9F 7366A900
65DA389A 09D8882C
EF2FCCA1 B6809375
65DA389A 09D8882C

Always Swim

78FA03A8 24E302D8
CDE8AE47 E0DF7372
80F4C951 DD8D8BC8
CDE8AE47 E0DF7372
8B6BB800 845BD904
2CF7DFF8 5EA41279

Bypass Special Stage Limit

39DBF14E 3E49F34D
65DA389A 09D8882C

Disable Death

65DA389A 09D8882C

Never Lose Rings

5E22473D 0B02AE9A
34F4199F AA6BDBE3

Infinite Flight

4344F523 B67B9499
14551F08 02AD46B7

Moon Jump

877F0F33 CDE51C4A

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