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half life cheats and unlockables

Here are all the guides, tips, and strategies to enjoy playing Half-Life with cheats and unlockables.

How to Enable Cheats

You can cheat in Half-Life with the help of console commands. Open the window to enter codes using the (~) tilde key. Enter sv_cheats 1 and hit ENTER.


All Weapons and Ammo

Cheat code:
/impulse 101

Brighten Area Without Flashlight

Cheat code:
/lambert -1.0001

Control On-Screen Monsters

Cheat code:
/impulse 109

Commit Suicide

Cheat code:

Delete Monsters/NPCs

Cheat code:
/impulse 203

Disable Auto-Reload

Cheat code:

Enable Auto-Reload

Cheat code:

Enable Strange Colors and Wireframes

Cheat code:
/r_fullbright 9

Enable Third-Person View

Cheat code:

Enable Verbose Developer Mode

Cheat code:
/developer 2

God Mode

Cheat code:

HEV Suit, Weapons, and Ammo

Cheat code:
/impulse 101

List Global Entities

Cheat code:
/impulse 104

Map Selection

Cheat code:
/map <map name>

Model/Sprite Stats While Looking At Target

Cheat code:
/impulse 106

Monster Stats While Looking At A Monster

Cheat code:
/impulse 103

No Clipping Mode

Cheat code:

Obtain Specified Item

Cheat code:
/give <item name>

Opponents Ignore the Player

Cheat code:

Return to First-Person View

Cheat code:

Set Reload Speed (0 is fastest, 3500 is default)

Cheat code:
/rate <0-3500>

Silent Player

Cheat code:
/impulse 105

Spawn Blood

Cheat code:
/impulse 202

Spawn Human Grunt

Cheat code:
/impulse 76

Spawn Gibs and Blood

Cheat code:
/impulse 102

Speak the Specified Sentence

Cheat code:
/speak <word.word2.word3>

Speak the Specified Word

Cheat code:
/speak <word>

Texture Name While Looking at Object

Cheat code:
/impulse 107

Toggle Developer Mode

Cheat code:
/developer [0/1]

Toggle Game Speed

Cheat code:
/host_framerate <0,1>

Toggle Light Amplifier

Cheat code:
/r_fullbright <0,1>

Items List

The player can spawn in items using the /give <item name> cheat.

  • item_airtank
  • item_antidote
  • item_battery
  • item_healthkit
  • item_longjump
  • item_security
  • item_sodacan
  • item_suit
  • ammo_357
  • ammo_9mmAR
  • ammo_9mmbox
  • ammo_9mmclip
  • ammo_ARgrenades
  • ammo_buckshot
  • ammo_crossbow
  • ammo_egonclip
  • ammo_gaussclip
  • ammo_glockclip
  • ammo_mp5clip
  • ammo_mp5grenades
  • ammo_rpgclip
  • weapon_357
  • weapon_9mmAR
  • weapon_9mmhandgun
  • weapon_crossbow
  • weapon_crowbar
  • weapon_egon
  • weapon_gauss
  • weapon_glock
  • weapon_handgrenade
  • weapon_hornetgun
  • weapon_mp5
  • weapon_python
  • weapon_rpg
  • weapon_satchel
  • weapon_shotgun
  • weapon_snark
  • weapon_tripmine
  • weapon_quantumdestabilizer

Half-Life is a first-person shooter developed by Valve Corporation and initially released in 1998 for PC. It was later ported to PlayStation 2 in 2001, and Mac and Linux in 2013.

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