Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion: How To Level Up

crisis core ffvii reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is an enhanced remake of the 2007 PSP classic. While the game heavily improves the graphics and combat system, the process for how to level up is similar. Read this guide to learn more.

How does leveling work in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion?

The progression and power system in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is tied to the Digital Mind Wave (DMW), which relies on stored energy to level up Zack.

Like the original version of the game, the DMW is a spinning slot machine that uses RNG to provide randomized bonuses in the form of Limit Breaks, buffs, and more. These greatly aid Zack during combat phases. On special occasions, you will also be able to call in Summons to be able to handle boss fights.

By defeating enemies and completing objectives, you will progress an invisible EXP counter that slowly accumulates energy. This energy is released to level up Zack when you roll a ‘777’ combination in the DMW. The more excess EXP you have stored, the more Zack will level up.

There are various strategies to speed up the process by which you accumulate stored EXP and allow Zack to achieve the max threshold of Level 99 in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

How to level up quickly in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Early game

1000 shinra troops

Before you unlock the best equipment to maximize your EXP gains from fighting enemies, the earliest you can begin level farming is when you unlock side missions. These are accessible from Save Points scattered throughout the world under the menu item “Mission.”

One of the first missions created solely for leveling includes M1-1-6: 1000 Shinra Troops, which has you clearing up to 1000 enemies in waves to gain EXP.

Continue reading to learn about the best equipment, summons, and Materia necessary to level up Zack fast.

Mid and Late Game

scissor chitins

Simply put, the best way to level up in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is to defeat challenging enemies on higher-difficulty missions.

After you have progressed further throughout the main story and unlocked additional side missions, it’s time to start gearing Zack to maximize EXP farming. The best mission to continuously grind for fast EXP is M8-6-4: SOS?

The enemies you will be farming include Scissor Chitins, which reward you with approximately 11000 EXP. Head to the right of the starting point of the mission. If you end up spawning enemies besides the Scissor Chitins, simply reset the mission and repeat until they spawn.

Read below to learn about the best loadout to continuously farm this mission.

Best loadout to farm EXP

crisis core loadout to farm exp

In order to equip Zack with the best tools to farm EXP, it’s important to acquire three different Materia for the main slots. Most of these can be crafted using the Materia Fusion system, and the ingredients are provided below:

  • Blast Wave (Assault Twister + Mastered Graviga)
  • Status Ward (HP UP + Stop)
  • Hell Blizzaga (Dark Blizzard + Octoslash)

The remaining three Materia slots are up to you to decide in terms of equipment. However, we recommend the following:

  • HP UP++ (Octoslash + HP UP)
  • ATK UP++ (Octoslash + ATK UP+)
  • Mug (Electrocute + Steal)

CRISIS CORE: Final Fantasy VII Reunion was released worldwide on December 13, 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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