Conker: Live & Reloaded – Unlockables & Cheats

conker live and reloaded unlockables & cheats

Here are all the guides, tips, and strategies to enjoy playing Conker: Live & Reloaded with unlockables and cheats.


Potty Mouth

Complete the Single Player story mode and get all 6 Class Medals.

10 Hidden Lives

During the Barn Boys chapter, visit the cheese ranch and jump up toward the back wall. A light bulb will appear over Conker’s head.

Press the B button which will make Conker turn into an anvil, smashing the rock below. This opens a hidden cave, revealing a special squirrel tail that gives you 10 lives rather than 1.

Infinite Time for Bomb Run Mission

To avoid the time limit during the Bomb Run mission, keep entering new areas along the path to the destination. Every time you enter a new area, you’ll be greeted with a short loading scene.

When this happens, just quit the game, reload, and you will end up in the same spot with a refreshed timer. Keep repeating as necessary until you complete the mission.

Multiplayer Upgrades

By winning matches in online multiplayer, you will be able to unlock character upgrades.

+1 Mine per Loadout

Get 500 mine kills as a Specialist.

+1 Primary grenade slot

Assassinate 500 marshalls.

+1 Secondary grenade slot

Assassinate 500 generals.

Clip extension & Self-heal overcharge

Get 1000 kills as a Grunt.

Avatar Pack 2

Get 50 total kills.

Avatar Pack 3

Get 500 total kills.

Avatar Pack 4

Get 1000 total kills.

Bonus Avatar Pack

Get 500 mobile unit kills.

Enhanced healing speed

Get 2000 healing points as a Specialist.

Hacking Device: Speed chipped

Get 1000 VC points.

Increased Strayfur clip & Guided rocket boost

Get 1000 kills as a Demolisher.

Instant Detonate: Snoopa

Get 500 backstab as a Specialist.

IR Enhance

Get all 6 Class Medals.

Booster Plus

Get all 6 Class Medals.

Quicker Tank breech

Get all 6 Class Medals.

Only Veterans can handle this kind of language

Get all 6 Class Medals.

Kinetic seal & increased repair efficiency

Get 1500 repair points as a Specialist.

Overcharge Power Boost

Get 500 headshots as a Specialist.

Regal purple bullets

Get 3000 total kills.

Golden bullets

Get 1500 total kills.

Quicker targeting & Quicker breech

Get 1000 kills as a Sky Jockey.

50% Reduced Respawn Timer

Get 4000 total kills.

Thermo Weapon Recharge Boost

Get 1000 kills as a Thermophile.

Sinurator Tank Capacity

Get 5000 kills as a Specialist.

Improved Cloaking

Get 1000 kills as a Sneaker.

Steadier aim + nimble reload

Get 1000 kills as a Long Ranger.

Tips & Tricks

While Conker Live & Reloaded is a remaster of the original Nintendo 64 classic, the single-player content is mostly the same, albeit with better graphics and some quality-of-life improvements to the gameplay. However, the multiplayer is greatly enhanced, with tons of unlockables, and, interestingly, really fun glitches.

It helps to attempt these on Versus mode using an empty player if you have a 2nd Xbox controller. However, you can still do them solo by setting the Dumbot count to 1 in Settings.

Beach Dead Glitches

There are tons of ways to glitch outside of the play area on Beach Dead. Back in the day, these regions were referred to as Holy Lands.

1st Holy Land

On Beach Dead, pick the Sneaker class, and make sure you can access the Tediz base past the second blockade. It also helps to set the jump button to A using the Victoria controller config.

From the perspective of the Tediz facing towards the SHC ship, go to the far right side of the map in the corner just about the beach. You will see some TNT crates that can be destroyed. Run around them and get to the cliff where you can view a broken plane wing.

You’ll want to hold the jump button each time to get a far fall and aim yourself towards the top of the plane wing. When you reach it, you can push off of it like a platform. Your timing must be perfect because you’ll need enough air to access the flat rock sitting alone on the sand.

When you land on the island rock in the sand, you will have taken quite a bit of damage from the fall, but not enough to die.

Your next objective is to swing yourself around the wall of rock facing the beach and land on the rock planted in the sand. Get a running start, and hold the jump button while also angling with the left stick.

Once you make the swing jump, you’ll have to immediately make a U-turn while hugging the wall and jump back onto the island rock near the plane wing. In order to make it past the invisible barrier, you need to be hugging left while making the jump.

Turn towards the wall of rock and look for a hilled crevice you can walk on. Keep jumping towards the wall until you get to the top. Even if it feels like the game is trying to push you off, run at the rock and continue jumping until you reach a flat point you can stand on. Do NOT touch the grass above, or you will instantly die and have to start over.

Face yourself towards the Tediz base and your next objective. Jump at the massive rock ahead and attempt to land in the nook at the top where you can walk up. Again, watch out for the grass. Your Sneaker can keep jumping at this rock to get on top.

After making it on top, turn towards the next group of rocks facing the Tediz base. You’ll see a rock protruding out of the wall in front of you. Jump on top towards the tip and jump off to get ahead.

Hug the left side until you can get onto a flat part of the rock at the top. Again, avoid the grass. Follow the path of cliffside rocks, making sure you jump and land on the surface. You’ll soon be able to get a great aerial view of the Tediz base.

Eventually, you’ll have it easy and can run all over the roof of the Tediz base. Still, be careful not to fall off facing inward and avoid the grass.

Because the developers likely never intended for you to reach this part of the level, you can even peer in to see Von Kriplespac in his secret area.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can not only get on the canon but also inside it! Simply walk off the platform facing the barrel and tip-toe your way across it until you reach the opening.

Walk forward just enough to fall then immediately pull back on the left stick to get inside. The odds of you being able to get back on top are slim, so only do this for fun.

Once you’re inside the cannon barrel, you can walk almost all the way inside of it. Note that the camera will get kind of wonky.

Conker: Live and Reloaded Beach Dead Holy Lands

If you’re interested in getting to the second Holy Land, ignore the cannon and proceed around the Tediz base to the other side. You will once again face a group of cliffside rocks with deadly grass.

2nd Holy Land

Land on the first rock touching the edge of the Tediz base, then face towards the SHC ship. Get a slight running start then jump to the rock that appears horizontal in front of you. Watch the grass.

Conker: Live and Reloaded Beach Dead Holy Lands

Continue jumping the rocks all the way around the cliff to finally reach the 2nd Holy Land.

Conker: Live & Reloaded is an action-adventure platformer developed by Rare and released exclusively for the Xbox in 2005. It is a remaster of the original Conker’s Bad Fur Day, also developed by Rare and released exclusively for the Nintendo 64 in 2001.

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